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Gear inspection

Gear inspections or measuring and checking cogwheels are the most discussed challenges in precision measuring. The most important method for production facilities - reference free measuring using micrometers - has been developed significantly due to the expansion to large application areas and the development of measuring sphere holders which can be mounted on micrometers. This created the possibility to also measure reference free spur gearing and helical gearing. In this way, Feinmess Suhl has developed innovative manual measuring solutions above all for special application areas such as measuring cogwheels in wind turbine gear units.

Indicating micrometer 0552 with disc type anvils
Precision display measuring gauge with integrated precision display and lifting lever, for measuring teeth widths with measuring ranges up to 145mm.
Precision micrometer 365 with disc type anvils
Measuring instrument with removable measuring elements for simple and quick comparative measurements of internal gear toothing and easy calibration on setting controls, using the WK method, incl. calculation software.
43_Precision Micrometer 365
Measuring gauges for measuring teeth widths with a measuring range up to 500mm and 0.5 / 1mm pitch of the measuring spindle. Discs with diameter 25 or 30mm.
Digital micrometer 0818 with disc type anvils
Digital micrometer for measuring gear tooth widths with 30 mm direct measuring range and 2 mm spindle thread pitch.
Digital precision micrometer 0628 for internal gear measurements
Modular measuring gauge for measuring internal gear teething using removable measuring balls. Measuring range expandable to 205-1150mm through gauge block extensions.
Measuring spheres in holder 372 for gear measurements
Measuring balls in bracket as attachments for our gear teething measurement devices.