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Horizontal length measuring systems

Horizontal length measuring systems are suited for a wide range of applications to carry out inner and outer measurements. Highest measuring accuracy is achieved through an incremental quartz glass scale with an extremely low expansion coefficient and adherence to the Abbé comparator principle.

Small universal length measuring machine KLM 120
The small universal length measuring machine KLM 120 is a precision measuring device for external and internal measurements with a measuring range of up to 160mm. The measuring system used is based on a quartz glass measure with extremely low expansion.
Advanced accessories for KLM 60 and LM 300
Inner thread measurement modules and adapters, as well as PC systems and software to extend the range of application and make measurement result acquisition and processing more precise.
05_KLM 60 Main Unit
The KLM 60 is suitable for carrying out internal and external measurements. Measuring range up to 60mm, expandable to 120mm. Delivery with an extensive range of standard equipment.