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Factory or DAkkS calibration of systems for monitoring of test equipment

Our calibration services for you

  • Visual and functional test in advance, possibly cleaning
  • Review and possible adjustment of the measuring system
  • Firmware and software updates and training for new features
  • Small spot repairs with original spare parts
  • Accelerated repair processing for larger defects
  • Recalibration for half price
  • Extension of the warranty to 5 years with regular maintenance



Testing monitoring systemsMeasuring range/ spanCalibration on siteIn Feinmess Suhl
Dial gauges and precision indicator testing devices0 - 100 mm
Tape measure testing devices0 - 10000 mm
Horizontal linear measuring devices0 - 10000 mm
Incremental linear measuring probes0 - 100 mm---
Gauge block measuring devices0,5 - 100 mm


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