Calibration is a matter of trust

Factory standards and international standards require that measuring and calibration tools have to be monitored and calibrated regularly. This ensures that you and your customers achieve reliable and comparable measuring results.

Calibrations by Feinmess Suhl offer significantly more:

It is necessary to take immediate steps to ensure the perfect functioning of your calibration system, especially when a calibration does not provide the desired result.
A qualified visual and functional check in itself may already show up first error sources. Our specialist staff will carry out any additionally necessary software corrections, adjustments or updates while on site without any delay. If a greater repair should be required at any point, then we will take your system immediately to our in-house calibration lab and pull out all the stops to ensure that you get your device back as fast as possible - usually within a few days.

Your benefits for manufacturer calibration:

  • Saving time and costs by immediate execution of small repairs
  • No waiting time due to immediate operational readiness of the devices after correction and calibration
  • Permanently safe and reliable in function and measuring accuracy through constant system updates
  • Fixed operating cost through scheduled monitoring within the maintenance contract