Gear Inspection

Measure reliably

Whether in watches, bicycles, diggers or energy turbines, and whether a diameter of millimeters or meters - gears are indispensable. They transmit turning movements or convert turning movements into linear movements. When doing this, the teeth of the wheel connect either with teeth from another gear or the teeth of a rack, as well as with the links of a chain or the teeth of a drive belt.

Quality assurance through precise measurement of teeth

To ensure that all components fit each other perfectly, precise measurement of the gear tooth parameters is a very important part of quality assurance during the manufacturing process. In addition, the thickness and width of teeth are also fundamental assessment criteria. They are essential for producing a quality gear.
Precision manual measuring devices for measuring gear wheels

Feinmess Suhl specializes in the manufacture of precision manual measuring devices for reliably measuring spur gears and ring gears. We provide the following devices for internal and external gear wheel  measuring:

  • Tooth width precision display micrometer
  • Digital internal toothing measuring device
  • Tooth width micrometer
  • Digital tooth width micrometer
  • External toothing micrometer
  • Internal toothing micrometer
  • Internal toothing micrometer (modular)
  • Measuring balls in bracket (in pairs)

Flexible manufacturing "made in Germany"

We manufacture all manual measuring instruments for measuring gears with a maximum production depth in our own facility in Suhl. We adapt measuring surfaces and measuring balls precisely to the customer's specific toothing. This is certainly one of the reasons why our manual measuring instruments have a particularly long life and are continually precise.

Our speciality: DIGIZ

The elegant solution for digital tooth width measuring for gear wheels with inner toothing with diameters over 400mm rules out any operator influence, and thereby operating errors. This handy device for testing straight-toothed and helical gears is suitable for mobile use. The measurement is displayed directly on the machine in less than three minutes. The DIGIZ centers itself - eliminating the need for a time-consuming search for a turning point - and is supplied with a number of attachments (balls, double balls, rolls).