Factory or DAkkS calibration of manual measurement tools and standard components

Highly precise measurements of gauges and manufactured components

    • Dial gauges, dial comparators, dial test gauges (DAkkS)
    • Indicating micrometers (DAkkS)
    • External micrometers (DAkkS)
    • Passameter/ indicating snap gauges (DAkkS)
    • Measuring taps (DAkkS)
    • Calipers for outside and inside measurements, depth calipers (DAkkS)
    • Plain gauges, pin gauges (plug gauges, ring gauges)
    • Snap gauges
    • Setting gauges and extensions
    • Thread plug gauges
    • Thread ring gauges
    • Thread measuring inserts
    • Gauge blocks (DAkkS)
    • Circumference tapes (DAkkS)


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    Your benefits

    Laboratory calibration at Feinmess Suhl

    • More than 140 years of expertise in metrology
    • Manufacturer-independent calibration
    • Time and cost savings by immediate completion of routine repairs
    • Permanently safe and reliable function and measurement accuracy thanks to constant system updates
    • Express calibration on request possible
    • Optional: Rental devices or new devices during the calibration period, calculable operating costs thanks to interval monitoring within the maintenance contract

    Additionally at on-site calibration

    • Calibration under application conditions
    • Reduced scheduling costs
    • Fast calibration without shipping time
    • No transportation risks
    • No waiting time due to immediate readiness for use of the devices after correction and calibration
    • On request: maintenance contract, training for users