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Internal Measurements

Accuracy with a long service life for quality results in precision - that is the characteristic quality feature of Feinmess Suhl precision micrometers. Design, production right up to different variants for a range of applications are based on 130 years of experience. The precision micrometers for the determination of internal distances are therefore also available in different designs and with a range of length adapters, as two and three-point internal micrometers. The measuring surfaces are milled accurately even, parallel and lapped. They are available as point, line or jaw special shape. Carbide is used since measuring faces are subject to specifically great strains.

Inside micrometer 560
Standard measuring gauge for internal measurements, measuring range of 30-40mm to 475-500mm.
Inside micrometer 560 with cone pins
Version with conical taps and measuring range of 100-125mm to 200-225mm.
Inside micrometer 560 with cylindrical pins
Version with cylindrical taps and measuring range of 100-125mm to 300-325mm.
Inside micrometer 561 (modular)
Internal measuring gauge 561, modular, with gauge block extensions up to 6100mm.
Digital inside micrometer 0626 (modular)
Modular internal micrometer 0626 with digital display, defined measuring force and expandable measuring range of up to 5000mm.
Gauge block extensions for expanding the measuring range of internal measuring gauges to 6100mm, also available in CFK.
Precision micrometer 344 measuring inside recesses
Innovative, specialised micrometers, developed for measuring inner transverse grooves with a groove width from 1mm.
Precision micrometer 379 measuring keyway widths
Specialised micrometers, developed for measuring sunk keys, the keyway width and Woodruff keys with a measuring range of up to 55mm.
Crankshaft tester 4400 / 4410
For measuring the change in the distance between the throws of a crankshaft that has been built in and set in motion, as a measure for the alignment of the bearings.
Digital crankshaft tester 3676
For measuring the change in the distance between the throws of an integrated crankshaft that has been set in motion, to measure the alignment of the bearings with a digital display.