Special-Micrometer Heads 453 with floating spindle




  • To attach additional parts (e.g. non-rotationally symmetrical measuring inserts, coupling parts, etc.) at the spindle
  • Can be configured individually according to the application scenario


Detailed information

  • Measuring spindle fully hardened
  • Measuring surfaces of hard metal or optionally CBN to minimize wear
  • High accuracy non-rotating (floating) spindle
  • Can be made from stainless steel, non-corrosive steel and in special designs according to requirements of the application environment
  • Different variants of the surface coating (e.g. drum and sleeve matt chromed)
  • Individual sizes possible


  • Graduation 0,01 mm
  • Thread pitch 0,5 mm


Customized versions

  • Different types of measuring surface
  • Left-hand operation
  • Hard metal measuring surface/ CBN measuring surface
  • (Additional) inverse scale
  • With ratchet
  • With clamping nut
Application rangeOrder-No.Free spindle length at zeroThimble ø
0 - 10 mm76 8075 142 2018 mm20 mm
0 - 50 mm76 9440 452 2050,5 mm20 mm



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