Customized Lead Screws

Different material combinations, surface treatment or coating, individual design, scaling and labeling, cleaning processes, lubricant-free variants, etc.


Short description

  • Accuracies: up to ISO tolerance class 1
  • Spindle pitch: up to 0.2 mm
  • Spindle diameter: 3 - 100 mm
  • Spindle length: max. 300 mm
  • Optionally customizable: length, materials, pitches, profiles, accuracies, bearing seats, surfaces, hardening, tolerance classes, coatings, thread forms


  • Versatile in high-end applications in measurement technology, semiconductor technology, medical technology, microelectronics
  • Cost-optimized substitution of pneumatics / hydraulics
  • Customizable to application area and requirements

Detailed information

In adapting to a wide range of environmental conditions and requirements, Feinmess Suhl proves its flexibility and performance capability by developing screw drives specifically dimensioned according to customer requirements.

For this purpose, Feinmess Suhl offers, for example, various material combinations as well as lubricant-free variants. Various options for surface treatment or coating, as well as possibilities for individual shaping, scaling, and labeling round off the production portfolio. Screw drives are as diverse as their applications.

  • Ground precision threaded shafts
  • Axial Backlash, torque, and breakaway force configurable as required
  • Shape of nut customizable, also functional
  • Lubricant-free designs possible
  • Long lifetime
  • Various material combinations
  • Different surface coating variants possible
Item Customized lead screw
Length up to 300 mm
Diameter 3 - 100 mm
Pitch up to ≥ 0,2 mm
Accuracies up to ISO tolerance class 1
pitch diameter*  up to ± 2 μm
Lead / pitch * up to ± 2 μm
Flank angle*  up to ± 5°
Number of gears single-start or multiple-start
Direction of rotation right or left
* Accuracy with ground threads
Versions screw
Materials stainless steel, bronze, brass and others on request
Shaft style  metric, whitworth, trapezoidal
Shaft types hardened, ground
Profiles single-start, double-start and multiple-start
Preload / Backlash Preload, backlash free, axial backlash, radial backlash
Versions nut
Geometry designed for installation in customer-specific assembly space
Materials brass, plastic, non-ferrous metal, steel and others on request
Preload Spring-loaded nuts for constricted axial backlash
Additional options Clean room ISO 14644-1 versions (up to class 1 on request)
  Vacuum versions up to 10E-6 (higher on 'request)
  Special coatings
  Special lubrication or lubricant free
  Documentation for aerospace (others on request)

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