Automated Calibration Processes

Calibrating measuring instruments - with automatic and semi-automatic calibration technology from Feinmess Suhl

Regular calibration of measuring instruments ensures precise and reliable measurement results. Feinmess Suhl offers automatic and semiautomatic calibration systems for verification of dial indicators, precision indicators, gauges, rings, gauge blocks, measuring wheels, and rulers. We thus fulfill one of the most important principal demands in industry: the rationalization of measurement.

Calibration technology made in Germany

Feinmess Suhl is a technological leader in the area of measurement and testing stations. We are the sole company to offer a small linear measuring tool, measuring tape calibrators, and bore plug gauge test instruments alongside classical length measuring tools and automatic dial indicator and precision indicator test equipment. Our highly-trained, expert staff produces all of our precision measurement systems at our vertically integrated manufacturing facilities in Suhl. ISO 9001 certification and our internal DAkkS-certified test and calibration laboratory ensure the high quality of our products.

Automated calibration procedures - fast and precise

Calibration with our precision measurement systems is fast and simple. The equipment is intuitive to use, and procedures can be automated. All of our measurement devices and systems pass through our DAkkS laboratory before delivery, guaranteeing excellent quality, the highest precision, and absolute dependability.

Measurement systems for monitoring test equipment and measuring instruments

Our range of precision measurement systems for measuring instrument calibration includes both standardized solutions, which can be adapted to fit your application, and completely tailor-made solutions. Our standardized solutions include:

  • Dial indicator and precision indicator tester MFP 30 BV/MFP 100 BV
  • Gauge block test station EMP II
  • Incremental probes IKF 10/30/100 with display unit PU 11
  • Small linear measuring tool KLM 60
  • Linear measuring tool LM 300/LM 600
  • Bore plug gauge test instrument BMD-P130
  • Measuring Tape Calibrator BMG 1000 BV/BMG 3000 BV/BMG 5000 BV

All accessories necessary for calibration are included, so your work can begin immediately with each standard device. Only specialized accessories must be ordered additionally. Suitable software packages such as DIALTEST, QMSOFT, and FMS-View are also included in our offerings.