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External Measurement

Feinmess Suhl’s external micrometers meet all requirements by workshops in the steel and metal processing sector. All measuring tools are easy to read and have hardened measuring faces in addition to great accuracy and guaranteed durability - for greatest possible measuring safety. For many years now, we have been using solid steel designs, large diameters for spindles and measuring faces and equip the devices with solid insulating plates and handles. This allows our precision micrometers to withstand great stresses even in less favourable operating conditions.

Passameter 3901
Passameters can be described as adjustable snap gauges, which can also be used for measuring rotation-symmetric parts, as well as for measuring thicknesses and lengths.
Digitalpassameter 3902
The digital Passameter 3902 for the inspection of narrow manufacturing tolerances is featured by very high accuracy and a big, direct measuring range of 4 mm.
External precision micrometer 0537
Precision indicator micrometer with lifting lever and measuring range from 0-25 mm to 275-300 mm with a display range up to ±70 mm or ± 140 mm with 1 or 2 µm resolution.
Indicating snap gauges 820
Snap gauge with lifting lever, ideally suited to measuring cylindrical parts such as shafts, bolts and spindles as well as for measuring thicknesses and lengths in the 0-25 mm to 275-300 mm ranges.
Digital external micrometer 0700
Micrometer 0700 with digital display and non-rotating spindle for measuring thicknesses and lengths. Optionally available with lifting lever or clamp.
Digital micrometer 0800
Digital micrometer 0800 with non-rotating spindle, 30 mm direct measuring range and protection class IP 65.
External micrometer 201
Outside micrometer with measuring range of up to 300mm, insulated handle and milled measuring spindle.
External micrometer 230
Outside micrometer with measuring range up to 175 mm and insulated handles.
Precision micrometer 220 with dial gauge
With measuring gauge and micrometer particularly suited for measuring thicknesses and lengths with large measuring ranges of up to 6m.
Precision micrometer 223 with interchangeable anvils
Flexible to use, thanks to removable anvil with different lengths for measuring ranges from 0-2950 mm.
Digital Micrometer 0701 With Wedge Blade
Micrometer 0701 with digital display and wedge cuts for measuring thicknesses and lengths.
Digital Micrometer 0701 With Reduced Anvils
Precision micrometer with digital display and adjustable measuring surfaces and a pin diameter of 2x7 mm to 4x10.5 mm.
Digital Micrometer 0701 Measuring Narrow Recesses
Digital precision micrometer 0701 with innovative measuring device and digital display, well suited for measuring narrow recesses.
External micrometer 380
Micrometer 380 with non-rotating spindle, well suited for measuring narrow recesses.
Precision micrometer 337 with deep throats
Micrometer, with spindle clamp, for use with large projections for wide parts, such as sheets or panels.
External micrometer 340
Unique micrometer particularly well suited for measuring parts and with an uneven number of sides, up to 7 transverse slots.
Setting gauges for micrometer 710 / 720
Setting dimensions for conducting comparative measurements for micrometers and passameters.