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Thread Measurement

Indispensable for reliable functioning

Threads are becoming extremely significant in industrial manufacturing technology. They fasten (in screws), move (in presses), convey (in Archimedes' screws), or seal (in pipe threads). To function smoothly and harmonize perfectly with other components, certain manufacturing tolerances must be complied with in the manufacture of the threads.

Important parameters in this regard are:

  • outer diameter
  • inner diameter
  • pitch diameter
  • partial pitch diameter
  • pitch
  • height
  • straightness of the flanks
  • radii in the thread roots

In-house manufacturing guarantees highest precision

These parameters are often measured with manual measuring devices. The more precisely these are manufactured, the more exactly they can register the manufacturing tolerances - which is decisive for the quality of the thread. Therefore, Feinmess Suhl manufactures its own manual measuring devices and the thread measuring inserts in its own workshops - at maximum production depth. This guarantees the highest level of precision.

Our manual measuring instruments for thread measuring:

  • Precision external thread measuring screw with removable measuring inserts
  • Precision internal thread measuring screw with removable measuring inserts
  • Precision internal thread measuring screw with removable thread measuring inserts (in modular format)
  • Thread sensing lever snap gauge for measuring 3- to 5-nut screw taps
  • Sensing lever for measuring external threads
  • Pitch measuring device for external threads

The accessories include:

  • removable measuring kits for external and internal thread measurement of the following thread types:
    o metric ISO thread
    o inch-based Withworth thread
    o trapeze thread
    o acme/acme stub thread
    o round thread
    o armoured conduit thread
  • Setting dimensions for threaded screws
  • Short slide wires in brackets for measuring threads using the 3-wire method with medium wire diameter