For visualisation and logging of measuring probes, measuring sensors and interface units


    • Display of the current values from different digital measuring devices
    • Multi-channel function, i.e. parallel display up to 10 different devices
    • Extensive transfer function of values to Microsoft Excel


    System description

    Possible Uses:


    • Device tests
    • Measuring value transfer in test logs (Excel)
    • Automatic or manual transfer function
    • Ongoing documentation of measuring values (with timer function)


    System requirements:


    • Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 (32/64 Bit)
    • Microsoft Excel as of version 2007
    • To connect the measuring devices, the interfaces (RS 232, USB) and cables have to be provided and suitable drivers have to be installed in Windows
    • A maximum of 10 measuring values can be displayed and exported with FMS-VIEW. Extension is provded via the ++ panel.


    Versions Bestell-Nr.

    Software-Licence FMS-View version 7

    Log formats and device types: Sylvac duplex, Sylvac simplex, IBRit-md 1, Heidenhain ND, TESA GTLXX USB, ALMEMO,
    MAHR 16EXu, PU 11, PU 23, PU 26, PU 60, PU 300, MFP Control, PU 36, IK220, Solartron Orbit3

    76 4104 964 20