Design and Development

Solutions as individual as the measuring requirements

Our mission is to develop the optimal precision measuring instrument for each measuring requirement. Our designs as well as the modernization of existing precision measuring instruments are driven by specific client requests and a permanent, comprehensive analysis of the market. In this way, we can deliver the exact highly precise mechanical and electronic precision measuring technology that our clients require. It's individually tailored.

We provide competent advice - as a reliable partner
An essential requirement for the successful development of individual precision measuring technology is close cooperation with our customers. From the first request through to the finished measuring device, the project goes through a variety of phases, in which new issues arise and fundamental conditions might even change. We are at your side at every step, providing competent advice and jointly developing the optimal solution for the measuring task in question.

An interplay that defines the precision
Since our founding in 1878, we have discovered the best solution for every measuring task brought to us. We are able to fall back on this rich experience and on our extensive technical competence in the production of lead screw spindles when it comes to the design of precision measuring technology. The highly precise, milled lead screw spindles are the core of our precision measuring devices. Their quality and their perfect interplay with the spindle nut, which is adjusted by means of lapping, assure the zero play and precision that make our measuring instruments stand out. To guarantee this quality, we manufacture the lead screw spindles and the spindle nuts in our own workshops. In this way, we link the precision measuring technology with precision engineering, as well as treading, drive and automation technology, to individual client and system solutions which go far beyond commonly known measuring technology.