Components for positioning, micrometer heads, positioning systems, metrology and calibration technology

Product Overview

The grinding of high-precision threaded spindles has been the core competence of Feinmess Suhl from the beginning. 140 years of experience combined with modern and proven technology are the guarantors for highest quality and precision in the µm range. Negative influences of temperature fluctuations or impurities on the grinding process and thus the quality of the ground spindles are excluded by air conditioning of the production rooms and filtering as well as additional cooling of the high-purity grinding oil.

Lead screws as the DNA of the product portfolio

In this area of expertise, we bundle our know-how in all aspects of positioning systems, components and assemblies - from lead screws and micrometer head screws to positioning tables and precision mechanical special assemblies.

Metrology and Calibration

This field of competence comprises portable measuring instruments, calibration systems as well as vertical and horizontal length measuring systems. They enable compliance with specific manufacturing tolerances and stand for maximum measuring accuracy.