Compentence Center Precision Metrology

The combination of precision metrology with precision mechanics, gearing and drive technolgy and automation enables us to offer solutions that exceed the usual metrological solutions.

The grinding of high-precision threaded spindles has been part of Feinmess Suhl‘s key expertise right from the beginning. 140 years of experience, combined with
modern and established technology are the guarantee for utmost quality and precision in the µm range.
Negative influences on the grinding process due to temperature fluctuations and contaminants and thus impact on the resulting quality of ground spindles are eliminated thanks to air-conditioning of the manufacturing spaces and filtration with additional cooling of the high purity abrasive oil. In the final fitting, the assemblies are completed and checked manually by specialized, skilled fitters.
The manufactured threaded spindles are part of almost all of Feinmess Suhl’s measuring equipment and are furthermore offered as OEM products in the form of screw drives, micrometer heads and positioning systems.
The latter are used for high-precision movement and positioning of assemblies in different industrial and medical applications. Feinmess Suhl demonstrates flexibility and efficiency during the development and production of specific solutions for its customers - even in
small quantities. At the same time, the focus is always on meeting the highest quality requirements.