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One company. Three skills centres.

The Steinmeyer-Group

Highest accuracy for highly sophisticated applications

The Steinmeyer Group comprises the three skills centres drive technology positioning technology and precision measurement technology, and thus employs more than 750 staff worldwide.  Steinmeyer is owner-managed and stands for durable and precisely manufactured products which are used for demanding applications. The three companies manufacturing in Germany are August Steinmeyer GmbH & Co. KG in Albstadt, Steinmeyer Mechatronik GmbH in Dresden and Feinmess Suhl GmbH in Suhl.

International partner for client specific solutions
The three internationally operating Steinmeyer Group companies guarantee stability and reliability and have thus earned an excellent reputation as the ideal partner for long-term cooperation. Together with subsidiaries and distributors, we supply clients worldwide which are amongst the leading companies in their sector. For example, global industrial companies, highly specialised machine and plant manufacturers, universities and research companies of different sectors rely on our solutions. Discover our product range and benefit from our experience and quality!

Feinmess Suhl GmbH

August Steinmeyer GmbH Co. KG

Steinmeyer Mechatronik GmbH