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Inspection equipment for product measurement

Complex products consist of components which have to work together. Adherence to a certain manufacturing tolerances is an important prerequisite for this. Measurements are still often taken by hand. This applies mostly to turned, milled or ground parts, screws or bolts. Feinmess Suhl GmbH offers a broad range of reliable and easy to use measuring tools.

External measurement

Internal measurement

Thread measurement

Gear inspection

Systems for monitoring of test equipment

Greatest accuracy of test equipment is one of the most important tools within the manufacturing process for component manufacturing. Depending on the workpiece, a range of precision measuring instruments is used during and after production.


This test equipment requires regular monitoring in order to avoid measuring inaccuracies due to wear and to maintain consistent measuring results. During this process, it has to be ensured that the test equipment complies with the relevant factory standards or national/ international standards. Consistent test equipment monitoring helps to avoid faulty productions and resulting follow-up costs.


Systems for test equipment monitoring by Feinmess Suhl meet the sophisticated requirements with regards to cost efficiency and quality management integration. We support in-house QM departments as well as independent test labs with regards to all tasks of efficient and reliable test equipment monitoring according to the applicable norms and QM systems using suitable measuring technology and software systems. In addition, we develop - as required by our clients - individual solutions which include specific technical features and needs.

Dial gauge testing systems

Horizontal length measuring systems

Gauge block test station

Measuring tape test systems

Plug gauge test instrument

vertical length measuring systems