Lifting stage HT 160

Motorized micrometer lifting stage with travels up to 16 mm, Load up to 5 kg, Resolution 0.1 µm



  • For applications in industry, research and development
  • For exact positioning and adjusting of workpieces or other objects in Z-direction

Detailed information

  • Option to combine several elements for multi-axis positioning systems
  • Adaptability to different environmental conditions (for example vacuum)
  • Drive can be selected individually
  • Available with customized bore holes
  • Non-magnetic designs available
  • Optionally, made from sturdy steel or lightweight aluminium
  • Low height thanks to lifting wedge principle
  • Small increments at a comparatively high load
  • Load-bearing capacity max. 50 N
  • Travel range 16 mm
  • Resolution 0,1 µm
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