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Dialtest 8 Software

For fully automated testing and logging with and without image processing



  • State-of-the-art technology with fully-developed inspection software for Windows
  • Three different operating methods are supported, manual, semi-automatic, automatic operation (depends on hardware)
  • Easy and clear operation thanks to program icons in menu bar
  • Test of all established standards (DIN and ISO standards, ANSI, British, Japanese, French and Korean standards)
  • Available in different languages
  • High testing with analog gauges, 140 measurement points in < 4 minutes
  • Time saving thanks to pre-defined parameter data for analogue and digital measuring instruments including gauging pressure test
  • User friendly design of in-house test logs using Microsoft Excel
  • Interface for all standard external CAQ-systems, e. g. QM-Soft®, Calvin, ProCal, AHP-IQ, Kistner-Q7, PowerWeiss, Palstat, Trendic
  • Automatic log generation and storage as PDF

Examples for application

  • Dial gauge and precision indicator testing device MFP
  • Measuring tape calibrator BMG
  • Plug gauge test instrument BMD-P




Software-Licence DIALTEST version 8

For manual and semi-automated testing and documentation MFP 30, MFP 100, BMG 2000 / 3000 / 5000, BMD-P130
81 9000 100 10

BV extension DIALTEST version 8

For fully automatic testing with video analysis tool MFP 30 BV, MFP 100 BV, BMG 2000 BV / 3000 BV / 5000 BV

76 4104 908 20