Small measuring device KPE 30

Small measuring device for balls, pin gauges, plain and threaded plug gauges up to 30 mm diameter

System description

The small measuring device KPE 30 is suitable for quick and safe measurements of cylindrical and spherical components and for further work pieces at highest accuracy level, up to a size of 30 mm. Because of the stable and heavy base body of mineral casting external influences become eliminated to a high share. The compact design allows a flexible place of installation, no matter whether in the inspection laboratory or in a mobile use. By help of the additional accessories it is ideal for the calibration of pin gauges, plain plug gauges or threaded plugs. The twochannel display unit PU26 offers next to the variable indication modes also a communication port via USB or RS232 to succeeding PC systems.

Detailed information

  • Long direct measuring range of 30 mm
  • Safe and extremely accurate measuring system by keeping the Abbè principle
  • Measuring results not influenced by operator
  • Reliable and repeatable measuring results
  • Ideal for mobile use
  • With display unit PU26 readable and external usable
  • Variable measuring force from 0,1 N to 3 N (optionally)
  • Selectable between fix measuring contacts, flat, ø 10 mm or adjustable and exchangeable measuring contacts, e.g flats ø 8mm
  • Support for adjustment of pin gauges and plain or threaded plug gauges

Technical data

  • Measuring range 0 - 30,1 mm
  • Total error* < 0,0002 mm (0,2 µm)
  • Repeatability < 0,00003 mm (0,03 µm)
  • Measuring system INVAR Tk 0,6 µm/m/°C; 20 µm division
  • Measuring force 3,0 N (adjustable 0,1 N to 3,0 N)
  • Total Weight 11 kg

* In colaboration with PU 26

Technical data display unit PU 26

  • Display Resolution 0,00001 mm (0,01 µm) Bar graph, Interpolation factor 2000
  • Measuring channels 2
  • Resolution total system 10 nm
  • Interfaces Sinus 1 Vss, RS-232C, USB as keyboard emulation
Basic systemsOrder No.

KPE 30 with fi x Measuring contacts 10 mm
Fixed anvil and measuring head with originally adjusted measuring planes, 10 mm diameter. Measuring of
balls or other spherical specimen.

76 8206 200 20

KPE 30 with 6.0 mm stud for exchangeable measuring contacts
With adjustable anvil to be completed with exchangeble measuring contacts. Measuring of cylindrical gauges,
pin gages and external theads inclusive knifedge 8mm.



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