Measuring stand 3876

Base stand with 60 mm column and prisms for support arms and measuring table.

Massive, heavy comparator stand to fix incremental or:

  • inductive probes
  • dial indicators or lever indicators


Versions / Order No.

Basic SystemOrder No.

Body measuring stand, heavy

76 3876 202 25


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System description

Heavy Comparator Stand made from lapped black granite and 60mm column. Prism tracks are assembled to adapt different typs of measuring tables. The measuring head is adjustable in the height on a gear rod with handle

Technical data

  • Height over all 445 mm
  • Height working range 270 mm
  • Work depth 120 mm
  • Material Granite lapped, column stainless steel surface covered
  • Weight 22 kg


  • Can be use in the measuring lab or close to he facorty
  • Exchangeable measuring tables
  • Exchangeable support arms
  • Accessoires for pluge gauges and tread gauges availible
  • Precise adjustable due to gear rod