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Mount for specimens with clamping shaft (clamping length 40 mm)
Dovetail guide with clamping shaft extended to 40 mm to mount specimens with 15, 28 and 30 mm clamping shaft diameter.
Mount for dial gauge 100 mm
Extended dovetail guide to mount dial gauges and measuring tools with long measuring bolts for clamping bolt diameter 3/8“, 8 mm and 10 mm.
Simple chuck for two point internal measuring device
Dovetail guide to test two point internal measuring devices with interchangeable probe areas (e.g. Subito or similar).
Quick release with mount Ø 8 mm
Dovetail guide with quick release for serial measurement for the same dial gauges and precision micrometers for clamping shaft diameter 8H7, secures always the same recording position.
Inductive probes adapter
Connector socket to check inductive probes by a range of manufacturers.
Interfaces & cables
Interfaces & cables for Mitutoyo, mahr and Heidenhain.
Gauging force measuring device UMP-KT
Measuring attachments to check the gauging force of precision micrometers, dial gauges and measurement transducers; connected directly to the PC via USB port.
Mount reflector unit for cup dial gauges
Dovetail guide with folding mirror to check 40 mm cup dial gauges (dial gauges with measuring bolt on the reverse), Dialtest 7 processes mirrored video image.
Mount for two point bore gauges with 3 point centring
Dovetail guide with clamping system to check bore gages with diametrical probing points from different manufacturers.
Mount for test indicators (small probe) DIN 2270 form B with dovetail
Retaining element for test indicators type B according DIN 2270 with dovetail.
Measuring attachment Ø 6/25 lg
Extended position encoder measuring attachment, 25 mm long, for special applications.
Thermal insulation
Acrylic glass protection cover to keep external heat sources away during measuring process.
Mount for specimens with clamping shaft (clamping length 21 mm)
Dovetail guide with sleeve to mount measurement transducers such as dial gauges with other shaft diameters according to order number.
Mount for Heidenhain incremental probe
Dovetail guide with horizontal fixing bores to fasten Heidenhain incremental probes according to order number.
Mount for test indicator gauges with clamping shaft DIN 2270 Form A and C
Dovetail guide with mount for test indicator with Ø 4 mm shank mount, deviating from standard application set (included in delivery scope).