Railway Technology

An important contribution to the infrastructure

Steinmeyer Mechatronik (under its former name Feinmess Dresden) has a long history in railroad engineering. With our optical measuring instruments, we play an important role in the infrastructure of powered rail systems. Our catenary instruments, formally approved by the German railroad, can be utilized for the approval and maintenance of catenary systems. The static idle state, the catenary height, and the zig-zag can be measured.

Approved quality for numerous users

Our systems are used by railroad companies, transportation companies, and city railways as well as in infrastructure companies. Establishment, operation, building inspection and maintenance of catenary systems still require high-precision manual measuring instruments with sufficient accuracy. Catenary assemblers or electrical workers use catenary measuring instruments for maintenance and new constructions. Due to rail settlements or operations at the track system, maintenance measures are required. And the installed measuring systems on catenary vehicles can be aligned on the reference position by comparative measurements with our precision catenary measuring instruments.