Calibration Laboratories

Systematised dimension measuring technology

For modern business, the use of certified calibration laboratories is an elementary component of quality assurance. Whether in-house or outsourced, a calibration laboratory, together with your measurement systems, provides the basis for achieving the ultimate precision, and guarantees the quality of your measuring tools. The number and variety of measurement and calibration tools in use necessitate reliable, flexible, and economical solutions.

Speed and Flexibility

Where measurement and calibration tools are standardized by norm, partially automated measuring systems make an important contribution to rationalized measurement tool testing and calibration. Our MFP30BV and MFP100BV automatic dial indicator test stations provide a basis for an entire series of testing systems for calibration procedure rationalization. The BMD-P130 automatic test system for measuring internal probes with diametric measuring surfaces and the BMG Measuring Tape Calibrator with test capacities of up to 5 meters provide the next logical developmental step. Where flexibility is in focus, comparative linear measurement offers unbeatable advantages. The KLM60, LM300 and LM600 systems are set apart by their broad application spectrum for length measurement.