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Plug Gauge Test Instrument BMD-P 130

Plug Gauge Test Instrument BMD-P 130Plug Gauge Test Instrument BMD-P 130Plug Gauge Test Instrument BMD-P 130

High-precision calibration system as 2-point measurement for checking and calibrating plug gauges, internal measuring tools and probes, blind hole probe and measuring probe for internal gearing

  • Suitable for diametrical probe areas up to 130 mm diameter


Technical data

  • Application range up to ø 130 mm
  • Height of probe areas above the guide 20 mm
  • Direct Application range 30 mm
  • Resolution 0,01 µm
  • Diameter of the probe shaft 4 - 21 mm
  • Weight 12 kg


  • Fully automatic or manual measurements
  • For internal probes with diametrical probe areas
  • Relative and absolute measurements possible
  • The test set-up corresponds to VDI/VDE/DGQ 2618 sheet 13.2
  • Mobile application thanks to a compact design
  • Automatic logging based on the control and analysis software DIALTEST 7
  • Very high measuring accuracy at fast measuring speed by using a motor and a passive probe which is located in the horizontal measuring axis
  • Manual entry of measured values is possible

The FMSplus - extensive accessories inclusive

System BMD-P130:

Base unit with floating stage, precision position encoder with holder 28H7, interface unit PU41 motion, joystick, incremental precision probe IKF10, inductive probe with holder 8H7, choice of tower PC incl. monitor, PC complete system “all in one” or laptop, software Dialtest 7 BMD, levelling plate with adjustable feet, connection cable, multiple plug, operating manual

Order No.Description
76 8421 102 20BMD-P 130

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