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Engineering solutions and components for your application

OEM precision lead screws from Feinmess Suhl are used in diverse industrial applications as well as in research and development. The wide variety of designs and materials allows the adaptation to different environmental conditions, such as radiation, low temperature, vacuum or clean room conditions.

Clean room, vacuum, dry run

Field proven drive and positioning solutions up to clean room class ISO 1, HV / UHV / EUV, lubrication liquid up to 10-8, dry lubrication up to 10-11 mbar, etc.

Clean Room Lead Screw

M4x1P0.5 - dual-start

Stroke: 76 mm

Application: dry running up to clean room class ISO3 and 10E-11 mbar

Vacuum Lead Screw


Stroke: 160 mm

Application: dry running under vacuum up to 10E-6 mbar

Optics, photonics, laser technology

Field proven drive and positioning solutions e.g. for optical adjustment, focus or zoom functions, mechanical-optical equipment for targeting, camera systems, scanners for digitizing X-ray images, aso.

Centering Lead Screw

M3x0.5 - RH/LH

Stroke: 2x 5 mm

Application: Sensitive centrations in phoropters

Focusing Lead Screw

M8x2,5P1,25 - dual start

Stroke: 32 mm

Application: Drive solution for optical precision adjustment

Focus Drive

Stroke: 16 mm

Application: Focus drive for lens adjustment or laser processing