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Precision screw drives

The assembly “screw drive” consists of a spindle with an external thread paired with an internally threaded nut and belongs to the group of movement threads. The screw drive’s tasks is to transform a rotary movement into a translational one and sometimes vice versa. The nut moves on the rotating spindle linearly towards the spindle axis due to the pitch of the thread. The precision of the positioning of the component fitted to the nut depends to a large extent on the quality of the screw drive and its individual components.

Feinmess Suhl manufactures precision threads by grinding. Profile accuracy, consistency of the flank diameter, accuracy of gradient and the best possible surface quality are crucial factors for the perfect interplay of threaded spindle and nut. The fitting of the
spindle into the nut is carried out manually at Feinmess Suhl in order to achieve the ideal ratio between as little clearance as possible and great ease of movement. “Ease of movement” describes the subjective impression of avoiding the stick-slip effects and surface irregularities. The in-process check secures the quality for your final product right from the start - whether for the first prototype or in series production.

Customized screw drives



  • Can be used for a wide range of applications in high-end precision products, micromechanics, microelectronics, in machine and apparatus manufacturing
  • Can be adapted depending on the scope and requirements



  • Ground precision threaded spindle
  • Axial clearance, tightening torque and breakout can be configured as required
  • Shape of the nut can be designed freely and also functionally
  • Non-lubricant designs possible
  • Long service life
  • Different material combinations
  • Different variations of surface coating possible


Absolute flexibility

For the adjustment to different environmental conditions and requirements, Feinmess Suhl demonstrates flexibility and efficiency by developing specifically sized screw drives as per client requirements.

For this purpose, Feinmess Suhl has access e.g. to different material combinations as well as lubricant-free versions. Various possibilities for surface treatment or coating as well as options for individual design, scaling and labelling complete the production portfolio. Screw drives are as varied and diverse as their applications. Thus, the following will introduce a cross-section of manufacturing and design possibilities as
well as some design examples.