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Digitalpassameter 3903

The digital Passameter for the inspection of filigree components is featured by very high accuracy and small measuring force of 0,7 N.
Digitalpassameter 3903Digitalpassameter 3903Digitalpassameter 3903



  • for measuring small, filigree components
  • for checking round an dflat test objects
  • measuring body and display unit are seperable
  • for easy series testing on the machine or at the workplace

Technical data

  • Measuring surfaces 4,8 mm
  • Flatness / parallelism < 0,3 µm / < 0,6 µm
  • Repeat accuracy < 0,2 µm
  • Resolution 0,1 µm
  • Measuring force 0,7 N/ 1,2 N/ 2,0 N
  • Weight measuring body 380g
  • Protection class IP 65


  • High measuring accuracy with resolution of 0.1 m
  • Small measuring areas of 4,8 mm
  • Completely fine measuring range of 4 mm
  • Measuring body and display elements can be separated
  • Simple series measuring also at the workstation or in goods receiving area
  • Low gauging force, can be selected from 0.7 to 2.0 N
  • High repeatability of < 0.2 m
  • Large display with optional interfaces
  • Programmable LEDs for limit value specification
  • Device temperature monitoring for secure measurement

System description

The digital passameter 3903 has a lightweight measuring body with a novel inductive measuring system with 4 mm completely fine measuring range. The gauging force of the measuring system can be selected from approx. 0.7 to approx. 2.0 N as a factory setting. Temperature fluctuations on the measuring body are recorded by an integrated sensor and signalled when a limit value is exceeded. Measuring body and display unit can be operated separately thanks to the modular structure. This simplifies series measuring at the workstation and does not add any disruptive moments into the measurement. Measuring sensor and display are then connected with an optional cable and can be positioned freely. In addition to digital numbers in the display module, there are also precision indicator bars and colour LEDs available for “good” - “bad” selection.

The configuration is done with device keys or additional software. Thus, it is also possible to activate and set functions such as preset value, bar areas, LED colours, measuring modes or password.


    Application range Order No.
    0 - 4 mm76 3903 001 20
    4 - 8 mm76 3903 002 20
    8 - 12 mm76 3903 003 20
    Special versions upon request.

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